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“Over the last 50 years I have trained or employed hundreds of wannabe surfboard craftsmen. Among them are a very few that have become the best in the world. Todd Sutz came to me as just another beginner back in the early 90s. But in short order, he proved himself to be a strong and focused worker who honed his experience into those of a master craftsman in a few years. As worthy as that is, being successful in the “business” of surfboards, takes much more than just being good at one’s craft. It takes a special kind of character to rise above all the foolishness typical of the surf industry. Todd has this kind of character and used it and 10 years of working with me to learn the “business” of surfboard building. This has allowed him to shape out a successful position in a very difficult industry.”

Bill Barnfield, Barnfield’s Raging Isle Surf & Skate