Our Boards


When we seek out experiences in nature, we become one with it; we realize our place as part of that creation. We are more in tune with it and ourselves. 

We feel inspired.

Island Inspired Board Company takes board making back to artistry, craftsmanship and relationship. We believe the energy that goes into the making of our boards flows through to the life of the people who ride them. We connect through our boards to a diverse community who’s energy and desire to get in to the ocean, waves, water and nature binds us together and fosters a kinship of like minded people. We paddle the ancient waterways. We surf the same oceans. We all seek to be inspired. 

Paddle. Surf. Inspire.

Building meaningful relationships one great board at a time.



Custom Adaptive Surf

  A custom board designed to your style, size, and ability!  We work closely with…

Custom Longboard

A custom board designed to your style, size, and ability! Our shaper is able to…

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Custom Stand Up Paddle Board

There are no limits on what you can create in a custom paddleboard. Our team…

Touring Model EXP 10.6 to 12.6

Designed to paddle with little effort while maintaining superb stability, the hand made Island Inspired Touring Model…