How it’s Made

Island Inspired Factory ​

At Island Inspired Board Studio, we put more than just materials into our boards.  Love and dedication go into each board by the hand of the artist who truly loves his craft.  This short video was prepared by two students who observed the team at work and wanted to share what they learned.

How it’s Made with Amanda Kinseth WPDE​

ABC 15 WPDE is a local station ABC that features interesting stories about local businesses and organizations.  We were excited to have her come to our factory to interview Todd and Cate about making boards here in Myrtle Beach. 

Custom Boards for Everyone

We truly believe that the best board is a custom board.  Our custom boards are priced affordably and are each overseen by our master craftsman, Todd.  Todd knows that talking to each customer can be time consuming but he also knows that the best results come out of truly listening to the customer.  So many shapers take orders for custom boards and just make what they feel like making regardless of what the customer wanted.  Todd will really focus on what you want, he will make professional suggestions from experience, but he will also give you the lead.  See what a great custom board experience is like.  Go to our Custom Board Form to start your order today!