My life on Oahu was all about the ocean, surfing and shaping boards. I spent every moment I could learning the technology and being with the best. I spent a while thinking of names before Island Inspired really stood out.  Our classic logo represents the Hawaiian islands where we started and what inspires everyone out there: the waves, coconut trees, and flowers. 
The production of Island Inspired boards started in 1995 while living in Oahu. In 2000, my family and I decided to relocate to the mainland. I grew up in South Carolina and knew this was a great central location for the east coast.  The Island Inspired manufacturing facility was then constructed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In 2014, it was time to expand our product line and geographical reach. Our custom paddleboards were doing really well. It was time to put more focus on that area of our business.  With that growth and the need for more business structure to handle volume, I was drawn to some trusted friends that I went to school with. Outdoor enthusiasts and accomplished in their fields, Greg George and Scott McNew were in the process of forming a capital company. Our thoughts and basis for living just lined up.

We are now producing our own line of paddleboards as well as custom SUPs.  We continue to grow in our surfboard area as well.  We look forward to the coming years and working closely with some amazing and well established surf shops, up and coming paddleboard and outfitter companies as well as the fitness and yoga industries. The energy we put into  our designs and each team members personal touch on every single board we produce carries through to our customers whether they are a wholesale dealership, a private label client, start up adventure company or our very important retail customer. 
written by Todd Sutz, Founder

Bottom line, Todd has more knowledge of boards than anyone I have ever talked to in the industry. Todd represents the essence of the sport and is a worthy ambassador of the culture. What Island Inspired stands for, and the pride that Todd and his team put into every board they craft, is something we are honored to be a part of.

written by Scott McNew