Custom Order Check List

Whether you are ordering your first custom board or you are adding to your personal quiver, we are honored and thrilled to walk you through the process with Island Inspired Board Company.

The form we have provided is the first step you will take toward surfing your new favorite board. We ask that you be as clear as possible in all the fields provided but understand that nothing is set in stone until you speak to the shaper! We want to make sure you are getting the board you expect so our shaper / owner will be discussing the final details with you. 

The following is the list of information you will need before submitting your board request: 

Your Approximate Height
Your Weight in Lbs.
Where you most often surf (or where you will be surfing this board)
Surfing Ability or Level
Initial thoughts for dimensions of your board
Artwork ideas 

Our shaper will go over these details with you and a formal design sheet will be completed then approved by you.

Once the price and deposit amount are finalized, your board will be placed in line for production and it will soon be on it’s way! 

If you are local or nearby, you are welcome to come by the Board Studio at Island Inspired to watch your board be shaped, airbrushed and glassed. Please just let us know so we can accommodate your schedule. 

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