Current Dealers

We look forward to receiving your next order!

If you are not currently classified as an Activated Current Dealership, please click here to begin the process to establish an active status. 

Order Private Label Boards

If you are a Current Dealership, simply download the form for private label ordering and fill it out being sure to complete all the details on each board using the drop down menus and text fields. Once complete, please save it as a pdf and then email the form directly to .

Order Island Inspired Brand Boards

To order Island Inspired Brand Paddleboards or Surfboards please fill out your wish list here. Then save it to a pdf format and email the form to .

Direct any questions to Cate Sutz who can be reached via call or text at 843.602.5580 or at the factory 843.236.2841.

All Quantity Wholesale Orders must be placed through our new Ordering Hub at

You should receive a confirmation email with your estimated cost quote within 3 business days.