Surf Ambassador Kaiya: Find the One Thing

Find the one thing

that Inspires You

I believe that everyone has a part of them that wants to find the one thing that ignites their imagination.

Most people never get to find their passion because they don’t know where to start. Some people know what they are passionate about, but they are too scared to take that first step.

I grew up in the ocean on the coast of South Carolina and it was my favorite place to be. I knew that my passion was going to be centered around a beautiful place known as the beach. When I was eight, I took a step outside of my comfort zone and took a surf lesson from Todd Sutz at Island Inspired Board Company. From the second I stood up on my first wave, I knew that surfing was my passion.

I knew that I wanted to spend a large part of my life being a part of an ocean wave. I’ve followed my passion and I have been surfing for eight years now. It brings me happiness and allows me to free my mind from my busy life.

Surfing may not be your passion, but I encourage you to find yours. Take that first step into something that could impact how you see the world. If I never decided to take my first surf lesson, my life would look a lot different than it is now.

Whatever your passion may be, follow it and allow it to change your life.

So, what are YOU going to try today?  Leave me a note and tell me what inspires you!



Surf Ambassador

Island Inspired Board Company




Sensory Friendly Activities with the Island Inspired Family in Myrtle Beach

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Here at Island Inspired, we are privledged to work with all kinds of new people every day. Some of the most rewarding work that we’ve done over the years has come from working with children with Autism. With April being Autism Awareness Month, we’d like to share with you some facts about autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD), and some of the things that we do to include these children in the surf experience.

An estimated 1 in 68 births are of a child with Autism, making more than 3.5 million Americans autistic.*

This number has been growing between 6 and 15 percent every year since 2002.

This makes Autism the fasting growing developmental disability. 

Yes You CAN Learn to Surf

We try to engage kids on the spectrum to allow them to experience everything that everyone else does here at Island Inspired Board Company, so we have hosted events and volunteer at many others that focus on not only these children but also their families. Currently, we are holding Family Surf Experiences in Surfside Beach, South Carolina with Champion Autism Network during the month of April to get the kids and their families active in both the ocean and the joy of surfing.  

You can learn more about the Champion Autism Network here…. Yes You CAN

The Advantage Games – 2nd Annual Event at Pelican Stadium 

We also just attended The Advantage Games. Held at the Pelicans stadium, this event featured games and activities that kids with ASD could participate in as well as showcased companies through out Myrtle Beach that are sensory friendly. With 20 games specifically designed by ABA therapists, the Reggie Sanders Foundation made sure to put these children’s needs as a priority for the day.  What a fun day and if you missed it and want to attend next year, we will post the event as soon as we get the dates!

Island Inspired as a whole, is incredibly thankful to have the opportunities to interact with children on the spectrum.  It is important to us that each surfer has a great experience and we offer the same experience to everyone regardless of their physical and social differences. It is always our goal to build the community of surfers and we see diversity as beneficial to the sport in so many wonderful ways! 

If you are interested in surfing with Island Inspired Board Company in the future, please join our mailing list so we can get in touch.

Get Started!

See you soon!

Cate & The Island Inspired Team

One of our ASD friends, Anthony, pictured here with his custom board that he designed with Todd. It is a neuron and was featured in one of our online ad campaigns, Think Differently.  

*All statistics taken from

Spring into SUP Fitness with Island Inspired

Get your SUP Fit On… Get Inspired to Get in Shape for Spring SUP Season

With paddleboard season right around the corner, we thought that we would share some of what we are doing to get our bodies ready. Core strength is the number one help for SUP riders, so the best thing to prepare for the upcoming season would be a 30 Day Plank Challenge, like the one seen below. Although the plank challenge won’t be your only form of working out, we are going to add it to our every day workout routine. Some of the best workouts to get you in shape for the paddling season should include pushups, burpees, Russian twists, scissor squats, and leg lifts. Incorporating Balance Boards  (we love Indo Boards!)and yoga balls into your workout will give you the added bonus of helping balance too. Below is one of our favorite at home workouts for you to try! Remember, your goal should be to workout for about an hour three times a week, and that there is nothing wrong with changing the workout to fit your needs and awesome achievements!  Forming a challenge group on FaceBook with some like minded friends or coworkers can really help keep you accountable for starting and finishing your workout each day.


One of Our Favorite At Home Beginner Workouts Click Here


and add this calendar of 30 Days of Planks…


30 Day Plank Challenge



New You Detox Water Recipe


Mix 1 gallon of water, a few raspberries, a sliced grapefruit, cucumber, and pear. Add in a few mint leaves for an extra boost to your metabolism!


Other Detox Recipes Click Here


So Yummy No Bake Energy Balls

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • ½ cup chocolate chips
  • ½ cup ground flax seed (could be substituted with another cup of oats)
  • ½ cup crunchy peanut better
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and form into balls using your hands. Arrange on a baking sheet and freeze for an hour. Store in the refrigerator.

A special Thank You! goes out for this edition of Get Inspired to Get In SUP Shape.  It was prepared in conjuction with the

Fitness and Yoga SUP instructor at Coastal Carolina University, Amy Whiffen. 

Thanks, Amy!  We appreciate your time and expert advice.

See you out on the water!

Yours Truly,

Grace M. – Marketing Intern

and The Island Inspired Team







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