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Adaptive Surfing 

Inspiring Us To Do More

So much has been happening in the world of Adaptive Surfing!  World Championships and National Championships!  This past year we had two amazing surfers riding Island Inspired Board Company custom adaptive surf boards in these contests.  In November we had five amazing athletes on our boards in the Adaptive Divisions and we ROCKED the Atlantic Surfing Federation Championships with team work, style, and grace.  These athletes are doing an amazing job at representing our brand and our philosophy of living inspired and inspiring others to do more and be involved!  

Brock Johnson riding a nice wave in La Jolla, California at Worlds last year.


Ernie Johnson riding one of his first waves at a Wheel to Surf Event held in Myrtle Beach, SC.  

Terrell Rawson after riding one of the biggest waves of his life in the Adaptive Tandem Finals at Sebastian Inlet, Atlantic Surf Federation Championships in November 2016.  He scored the Championship for 2016!


Brock getting a carve on a wave at Sebastian Inlet ASF Championship Finals in the Adaptive Assist Heat.  

Roni on an epic wave as she clinches the highest ASF Honors with a first place in the Adaptive Surf Assist Division!  She is a great surfer and shines light where ever she goes.

The Victory Ride!  Those smiles say it all!  Congratulations to Roni and her team!! 

Island Inspired also makes boards for Adaptive Surfers outside our local area.  Adaptive board designs have gone out to Virginia, Kentucky, New Mexico and California!  Our boards are each designed with the particular needs of each surfer in mind.  

Eryn has ALS but her dreams to surf again were realized with this design made just for her.     

The seat is adjustable and this board can accommodate assistants on the front and on the back.  The assistant on the back can either paddle like a surf board or stand up to paddle with a SUP paddle. This design is going to replicated for more adaptive surfers in the very near future.  

Heather surfs for Challenged Athletes Foundation and took her board all the way to Duke Fest!  What a great experience to surf the waters of Waikiki with some of the best adaptive surfers in the world.


We encourage you to get involved in the Adaptive Surf movement.  Our local group is always in need of helpers for events from basic surf sessions to big events such as Wheel to Surf.  Donations can be made directly to the Adaptive Surf Project through their web page.  Information on their fund raisers, weekly activities and other information can be found on their  facebook page and on their instagram account.  

If you are interested in getting your own Adaptive Surf Board made, please follow the link to our web page for information then fill out a custom order inquiry so we can set up a time to talk to you directly about your new board.

Next stop:  National Championships – California, USA


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