Training for the Battery with Island Inspired SUP Ambassador Trish Lord


           By Trish Lord | Island Inspired Paddle Board Ambassador        


I Don’t Want to Die

in the Charleston Battery

Love and Race Training

for The Chucktown Showdown

I should write about how much I love this beautiful peaceful sport but today I can’t. Today I didn’t go for a leisurely stroll, to meet up for a paddle with friends, I didn’t teach people for their first time or guide an eco tour. I went to train. Train for a race that is quickly approaching in a week. I don’t think I am going to win but I don’t want to die out on the battery in Charleston. I want to have the stamina and muscle to make it to the finish line. 




Pawley’s Island Creek Puts Me to the Test

and Always Gives Me a Great Workout

I got up in the morning rolled out of bed and loaded my board on my car. Threw on my bathing suit and made sure I had a pocket for my phone and a place for my car key. I got to the Southend parking lot of Pawleys and I put my board on the water, set my app to track my pace and took off.  It looked like a nice morning, looked like calm water and nice breeze. But as I pulled myself through the water I was exhausted after 15 minutes. I was sweaty and out of breath. I realized the water deceived me. The current was pushing hard under the surface of the water and the breeze had picked up to actual wind. I couldn’t find my rhythm, couldn’t find a good pace. I wondered why I do this?  Why not turn around and grab coffee, sit on the beach and watch the waves. Part of it is the challenge but part of it is the lifestyle that keeps me in balance.



Finding the Balance

I Need to be on My SUP

I pushed through, pulling, dragging myself though the water stroke after stroke. Suddenly I wasn’t thinking about my pace or how tired I was or how much my muscles would hurt later. I saw an egret fly right in front of my face. I could see its feathers, it’s graceful body, it’s beauty. I saw a fish flip out of the water. I realize my thoughts were floating on the water right in front of me. This is why I do this.  I find the balance of my life.  The lifestyle. I find the beauty in the chaos. I didn’t accomplish my goal of 2 miles, after 1.5 miles I beached my board and let my muscles recover before loading it on my car. I was stinky and sandy but I was finished. I was at peace with visions of the marsh, the birds, the fish. I was restored back into balance. 


Trish Lord is new to blogging but not to paddleboarding.  She has been an Island Inspired SUP Ambassador and has been challenging herself with paddleboard racing for over 5 years.  Trish and her husband live in Pawley’s Island, SC with their three girls.  Even though they are transplants from Philadelphia / New Jersey Area, they have found their island home here at the beach.  She is also a full time Special Needs Educator focusing her work on Autism Advocacy and Support for the educators and families who are affected by Autism and Spectrum challenges.  She is a true champion in and out of the water.  Follow Trish on instagram @trishl7 .  



  1. Beth Hagel says

    Good luck this weekend! It was a great first blog. I could almost feel me paddling with you and I’m counting it as a workout too!!

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