One on One with Surf Ambassador Antwoine Langley

   Antwoine Langley   

Grace Morrison, Student of Coastal Carolina University and Island Inspired Board Company’s Marketing Intern, met with one of our veteran Inspired Ambassadors, Antwoine Langley of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, on Sunday at Starbucks Cafe.  While most of the conversation focused on what surfing and Island Inspired Board Company means to him, we also got  a few answers to some of the more probing questions we could ask about his favorite things. See their Q & A sesh below:

How did you get started in the water?

Well, I started off skating and tried a bunch of stuff in between, but aerial skating was what I like the best, even though I hated falling. One of my buddies asked me to try surfing with him because it gave all of the elements of aerial skateboarding with the added forgiveness of the water.


Antwoine pictured here flying high in an aerial photo by Professional Photographer Jim Whitney, Owner of Sessions Surf Photography.


What got you started with Island Inspired Board Company?

One of my friends introduced me to Todd one day on the beach and ended up needing a board a little bit later. I went to Todd and he made me a design that I loved, so I kind of just stuck with the company. Todd is a great guy, and he makes amazing boards. I love the company so I decided to work with them.



Antwoine pictured here with Island Inspired Owner /Shaper Todd Sutz and their trophies from the days events.


What does being Island Inspired mean to you?

Island Inspired is more of a lifestyle. It means that you’re fully commited to something and dedicated about it.

What is your favorite part of surfing?

I think my favorite part is knowing that I’m in the perfect spot to take off.

What is your favorite board?

This question is hard for me because I can’t answer it. I love all of my boards, and don’t specifically have a favorite.

What is the one thing you want to accomplish as an ambassador?

To be an inspirational and improved image for the next generation.

What inspires you the most?


I think the thing that inspires me most is that I’m one with myself and I’m happy with that. When I’m surfing I always feel like I’m at the right place in my life.

What is the one thing that you want people to know about you most?

Everywhere that I go, I always keep a smile on my face. People tell me that all the time so I guess that’s a big part of my personality.

Last question, Where is your favorite spot to surf and how did you find it?

Hermosa in Coasta Rica. I met a guy once in California and he asked me how I surfed the little waves of Carolina so he offered for me to come visit him and try out the big waves. I ended up going and having a great time, so now I travel the world surfing the best spots with him and testing my limits. So far, I’ve done really well, so we will see how it goes.


What is up next for Antwoine? 

We will have to check back soon and find out… in the meantime, you can follow him on Instagram @antwoinelangley

Side Note:  Todd and Antwoine worked together to develop a special performance  surf model called The Rasta Air.  You can see more detailed information on that board by clicking this link… RASTA AIR!

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