You Can Walk on Water too…

Let’s start off with this:

       Anyone can Stand Up Paddleboard.  That is right.  Anyone

There is no prerequisit for this sport.  Honestly, you don’t even have to know how to swim because you can SUP in water that only reaches your knees.  On the right board, ANYONE can SUP.  I like to use SUP because the “s” can also stand for Sit Up Paddling which my kids and I occassionally partake in.

That is right, we are being honest.  Now, there is an elite group of athletes that take this sport and the equipment to the extremes and they absolutely deserve the awe and respect we grant them.  But, there is also a huge number of leisure paddlers that just hop on and start exploring the waterways just for fun.  Today, we are speaking to you!

So, whether you are already a Novice SUP-er or currently thinking about getting into the fastest growing sport in the world, I have some great points to offer as a beginning paddler that you may or may not have already considered…

The benefits outweigh any fears or objections.

  • Anyone can do this.  No special skills are needed before you try.  Life jackets are required in some areas for flat water and river paddling so knowing how to swim is optional.  If you don’t know how to swim, I insist you get a very stable board so that you can wobble, but not fall down.  Remember:  No one starts out as a pro, and not everyone has to be uber competitive.  Paddling can be just for fun!
  • You are outdoors and receiving multiple benefits from the sun, fresh air and movement.  Think of what this time on the water can do for your personal well-being.  Contemplate, meditate, pray, socialize.  You get to spend time focused on that something you need to put balance in your life.  This same equipment fosters each one of these aspects.  Amazing, huh?
  • The cardio workout is so worthwhile.  You can burn a bunch of calories per hour because you are using your whole body to move and balance the board. 
  • Speaking of using your whole body…Your core will totally benefit from this sport.  With each stroke you will be working core muscles rarely used in other sports.  Having a stronger core improves your posture and your balance for other things!  Bonus!
  • With an SUP you are equipped to explore places you have never gone before.  A little adventure is just what each of us need.  Once you get started, you will be addicted to this new part of your life.
  • It’s an all weather sport.  Paddling is not just for sunny summer days.  Check out the warm gear you can get for staying cozy atop your SUP during that winter wonderland snowfall paddle on the lake. Sit down and enjoy a warm coffee from your thermos before you paddle back to the house.  Or, pack a picnic, strap on the cooler and find yourself an adventure! Seriously, this happens!
  • Dog’s love to paddleboard. Remember they need a life jacket too!
  • You can become as competitive as you want.  There are so many venues available for new paddlers all the way up to elite competitors. It is a relatively new sport so there are always new races, fun paddles and festivals popping up. 
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding is as flexible as you are.  Flat water, Sprint, Long Distance, Wave Surfing, you name it.  The right board can do all of these!  Or you can buy special boards designed for each specific discipline.  As a beginner, you would likely want to choose an All Around model that will allow you to try out all the different aspects and then specialize later if you choose. 

For more information on how to choose the right board click those highlighted letters. A helpful laymans guideline when choosing your first, second or new favorite board.  Just remember, your local SUP shop or Island Inspired Boards are always a great option!

Our staff can also quickly help you asses your needs and goals and point you in the right direction on board selection.  You are always welcome to come to our Board Demonstration Days to try out all of our models to get your feet on them all and feel the difference the one you connect you with. 

Demo days are listed here…  Island Inspired Demo Days Schedule

Next blog… Best Places to Paddle in South Carolina!  You are going to need to know this now that you are on your way to being hooked on this life changing activity. 

Go walk on water.

Always Aloha,





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