Surf Ambassador Kaiya: Find the One Thing

Find the one thing

that Inspires You

I believe that everyone has a part of them that wants to find the one thing that ignites their imagination.

Most people never get to find their passion because they don’t know where to start. Some people know what they are passionate about, but they are too scared to take that first step.

I grew up in the ocean on the coast of South Carolina and it was my favorite place to be. I knew that my passion was going to be centered around a beautiful place known as the beach. When I was eight, I took a step outside of my comfort zone and took a surf lesson from Todd Sutz at Island Inspired Board Company. From the second I stood up on my first wave, I knew that surfing was my passion.

I knew that I wanted to spend a large part of my life being a part of an ocean wave. I’ve followed my passion and I have been surfing for eight years now. It brings me happiness and allows me to free my mind from my busy life.

Surfing may not be your passion, but I encourage you to find yours. Take that first step into something that could impact how you see the world. If I never decided to take my first surf lesson, my life would look a lot different than it is now.

Whatever your passion may be, follow it and allow it to change your life.

So, what are YOU going to try today?  Leave me a note and tell me what inspires you!



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    • Todd Sutz says

      It is my privilege to know people like Kaiya and to help them find what ever it is that inspires them. I’m glad for you it was surfing looking forward to this summer and future surf trips together…

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