Custom Longboard

A custom board designed to your style, size, and ability! Our shaper is able to create designs from classic old school models to cutting edge completely customized boards.  Nose riders, wood inlay, tail and nose blocks… you name it, we can make it for you.  Custom boards are ready in 3 – 5 weeks in the busy seasons.  See what we can make for your personal log. 

Ordering a custom board is easy, fun and fulfilling.  Click the link to get started.  We will walk you through the details! 

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  1. Ronnie Massey says

    Hello Cate,
    I recently purchased Odyssey, and wanted to see if we could sell some of your boards. I’m a local to the area and actually had a custom board from Island several years ago. Loved it! Anyway, I’m trying to keep the local shapers in the shop only. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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